Monday, December 7, 2015

Did You Know?

If we were to ask if you think drinking diet sodas is better than drinking regular sodas, we bet that you would answer “yes.”
Now if we were to ask you if you give your child sports drinks during after school activities, we bet again you would answer “yes.”

We are here today to tell you that unfortunately, sports drinks and diet sodas are JUST as bad for your teeth as regular sodas, and even candy!

Recently Melbourne University’s Oral Health Cooperative Research Center “tested a wide range of sugar-free soft drinks, sports drinks and sweets and found that many of them can be just as harmful to teeth as their sugared counterparts due to their chemical composition.” These results showed that diet sodas contain phosphoric acid, and lemon-lime flavored drinks (such as Gatorade or PowerAde) contain citric acid. These acids break down the tooth’s surface enamel, which could lead to a whole host of other problems. Chalkiness, denseness, tooth sensitivity, and decay are just some of the complications that could arise from drinking these drinks. The researchers found that “most soft drinks and sports drinks caused dental enamel to soften by 30% and 50%.

Keeping these facts in mind, swap out those diet sodas and sports drinks for water. Do you or your kids hate the taste of water? Try Dasani or Mio drops in your water bottles.  The ADA lists the top nine food and beverages that damage your teeth. You can also visit where you can figure out the best foods and drinks for your child based on his or her activity levels.