Monday, June 23, 2014

Pacifier Weaning System

Having trouble getting your child to stop sucking a pacifier? Looking for a way to get them to stop without all the tears and drama?

Look no further!!!

A fellow Pediatric Dentist and mom of four has come out with a new pacifier weaning system. Five pacifiers that look identical but each nipple is just a tad different than the other. At your own pace, you switch pacifiers until you get to pacifier number 5. At this point, your child will have lost the need to have a pacifier all together and then it is Bye-Bye Paci!!!!

Here is a picture of what the pacifiers look like! You can see that you start out with a normal paci, but you gradually go down to nothing!! Each child is different and some will take longer than others to get to step 5 but don't be discouraged!! Some children have stopped in as little as 5 days and others in 5 weeks!

This system is available online at ONESTEPAHEAD.COM

Head on over and check them out and give us feedback on how long it took your child to stop! We love to hear from you guys about our posts!!


  1. I read at that I can do this by myself just triminig the tip of the pacifier. Of course you must be extra carefull, and everytime check the dummy if nothing is falling apart, because this method can cause choking hazard.